Change is the only constant

Persistence, patience and never give up attitude could get exhausting,

For we are in a generation of 2 minutes noodles and one click away Uber car waiting.

Although new is sparkling, advanced and quick fix as I have been told,

If we could all pause for a while and consider old is gold.

Those long conversations with near and dear one’s via letters or face to face,

Today whatsApp, Twitter and Facebook meeting has become the new interface.

Those exhausting yet enthralling games played outdoor with childhood friends,

Now we prefer typing, swiping or watching those fancy phones with cool earphones.

All I am trying to convey here is no matter how crazy things may appear,

All we need is to keep pushing, believing and working towards living our dreams and facing our fears.

Don’t you give up as yet for who knows the next step is where the trials are to end,

Keep walking my dear as life tells us that everything good or bad if starts has to end.

So, may be we all could be humble in our good days and have faith during our bad,

For change is the only constant be it happy times or sad.

Have a peaceful life 😊


52 thoughts on “Change is the only constant

  1. Reblogged this on Moral Value Story and commented:
    There are times when we need to pause due to exhaustion. Older generation people loves gold because they know when to pause and rest. Now everything wants to be fast and full of instant food and drink packages.


  2. One does get disappointed when they are always going up hill…

    One minute there your friends, the next because you have not given them what they want, their not…

    Life is about living, only some don’t get to do that…

    i also see that you stopped by for a read,



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