One of the greatest achievement is to have the art of being accountable of the choices we make.

We always have a choice and we always make one.

Then why do we sometimes blame others.

The moment we realise whatever happens in our life is not an outcome of what others do but the choices we make, that is the moment we can get rid of denials.

So I urge you all who are in denial today to understand how important it is to avoid blaming and complaining and be accountable.

A lot changes the moment we give away blaming complaining and judging…..

Hoping you all join me on this journey of happiness and content 🙂


28 thoughts on “Accountability

      1. They are attributes that compliment each other relative to character. Let me explain: Accountability is one(s) one willingness to accept responsibility for his or her actions, whether good or bad. Integrity is the moral fortitude to do what is right whether or not their actions are seen in public or done in private. In other words, acting the same way behind closed doors as you would in public. So, when one maintains a posture of integrity, it follows suit that they would hold themselves to a high standard of accountability.

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  1. Whether it is the State or an individual, accountability is known to help in making better decisions.
    The perspective that it is the key to happiness even after the decision is taken is really liberating and novel. A lovely read, living upto the name of your blog 🙂

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      1. Oh my! One more person added to my life making my day better. I am truly fortunate to have you in my followers list. I hope to continue spreading this feeling. Call me selfish doing this is so addictive now as all I get in return is feelings in 10 or may be more folds

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  2. Excellent post

    “Life is the sum of all choices.” Albert Camus

    If accountability were easy, everyone would practice it. It’s just not that easy, at least for me.

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