Act of gratitude

In this busy world sometimes we seek someone to appreciate.

There are these moments we feel no one really observes the hard work we put in.

So, today we will turn the tide,

We will make a difference and show the smile we sometimes hide.

Look out for a person and mind you you will find many,

Observe the good work or anything one is doing.

Stop by and say hey, you look great today,

Its a wonderful thing that you are doing g.

Thank you for ……

Try to give what you want and see how amazingly you receive things u didn’t even expect.

Start with yourself….

I am thankful to myself that I am able to identify the changes required, it is amazing how I strong I am and thank you all for appreciating my work on my blog.

Have a wonderful day, keep smiling and spread the love πŸ™‚


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