The new me

I was sitting by myself with my coffee and smoke,
Suddenly I heard someone say it’s about time I spoke.
I looked around to wonder who it was wanting to speak to me,
To my surprise it was the new me.
We had a long conversation and soon I discovered,
Yes I have gone through a lot, pain buried and questions unanswered.
The new me smiled at me and said yes it is difficult and it may not be easy,
But guess what only I can make sure no matter what happens on the outside,
Inside it will always be happy and glee.
Time is the witness to all that has gone astray,
Someday it has to be all okay.
So why worry you beautiful soul,
You are now a diamond carved out of dark charcoal.
So whenever you feel nothing’s going right,
Just remind yourself my darling everything is going to be all right


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