Living in the dreamland woken to reality

The right continues to remind me its wrong,
Wrong convinces its ok just a little longer just carry on.
My mind keeps battling with the heart thru and thru
It keeps knocking the reality, saying its surely not you!
As soft as the heart can be asks me to reside in the wonderlands
There is just me and you, forget the worldly plans
I live there all day all night long it’s just when the alarm rings it sings the same song,
There is no place ill rather be or no one will prevail as you do
ill always be with you.
I’ll keep battling my mind and one day have my heart conquer us.
But how do I shut the reality,
Make my heart convince the mind immovable,
It just comes in a dark hooded attire and declares der is only one place I belong and only one person that exists,
The lonely land and the lonley me


11 thoughts on “Living in the dreamland woken to reality

    1. Hey! I am waiting to read ur posts would surely comment on ur writings. I read couple of the titles and seemed I should read it. Will keep u posted. I hope ud like my posts too. If not I would love to get feedback


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