Better abandoned

A little girl was told she could never get there,
she believed it and carried on.
she was told anything she touches would turn into a disaster.
she kept her hands off anything or anyone.
when she grew older she was told she was lovable and could create wonders
exited she hopped around only to land up in could be
while the hopes touched the ultimate and seemed would touch eternities
she was asked to move aside as she wasn’t the one
she moved aside and walked away
ever since she kept walking away.
Now when she is told she can get there, touch and make anything gold, be a wonder, go beyond eternities and step inside completion.
she smiles and walks away.


7 thoughts on “Better abandoned

  1. Touching…❤️ you have good writing skills. And I see you’ve just started blogging, and I’m giving you a tip. Add categories and most importantly add tags to your posts, because the tags expose your works to more people. If you don’t add tags, only people who are following you will see your posts. So add tags and start doing wonders! ❤️💜💙


      1. Alright, when you’re writing a new post, there’s this setting icon on the top right corner, tap that and tag it to poetry, writing or whatever suits there and add categories too. 😄 I’m sorry for late replying hehehe


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